Coromandel wedding and how to plan it

Every wedding involves planning that will take a lot of your time and energy. With right people and tools it is actually not that hard at all. Therefore I asked one of the most amazing celebrants on Coromandel, Sarah-Jane Laing to share her knowledge and expertise.

Sarah-Jane, would you mind sharing a bit about yourself and what you offer?

I’m a NZ Marriage Celebrant, MC and Event Coordinator with 10+ years experience in the industry. From large-scare corporate events to beautiful intimate backyard weddings, I’ve done it all! As a professional love celebrator with savvy skills for story telling, I truly love sharing in a couples special day!

Do you think planning a wedding on Coromandel is different to planning it anywhere else in NZ?

Majority are ‘destination weddings’, meaning most (if not all) in attendance will be traveling in for the occasion. This will definitely require more (and earlier) planning! Think accommodation for a large group of people which gets harder over summer / peak months.

Commonly, Coromandel Weddings include ceremony down the beach followed by marquee reception at a family bach or in a local hall. Ensuring you have a wet weather option that everyone knows about allows the vendors to put this plan in action seamlessly.


When it comes to Coromandel weddings where would you suggest to start the planning?

There is a Coromandel Wedding Directory that gives a great list of local talent that can help you bring your day together.

Date and venue will be essential to booking your vendors! Prioritise your key non-negotiable vendors you want on your day and start making inquiries and meeting them. All things considered, check tide times if you are planning on going down the beach. Surely you don’t want to be disappointed at the very last minute!

If the couple decides to have a beach wedding, would any permits be required?

In Thames Coromandel District Council, you have to apply to be married on the beach/reserve. It costs $60, but it’s a straightforward process. It allows the Council to manage events in the area and avoid disruption on your wedding day. For example, they will make sure two weddings don’t end up in the same spot. Or, if there are other factors to consider like Dotterel breeding season with birds nesting nearby. You can apply here

Sarah-Jane Laing

Celebrant | MC | Day Coordinator

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