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It was a quiet rainy afternoon with one of the most beautiful backdrops of East Coast of Coromandel Peninsula. In the wet long grass and with equally long lenses I was hiding to be unseen. At the end of the day it was a surprise proposal! As a Coromandel wedding and engagement photographer, I capture love stories and this one was definitely one to remember!

Two beautiful souls, Chanelle and Calvin were just about to make a big step in their relationship. They met in high school and their love only grew since.

There was a decent plan in place curated by Sam, Calvin’s sister. Chanelle’s Dad would take her for a walk where they would “accidentally” bump into Calvin. It was quite a surprise for Chanelle as she didn’t expect him to be there at all. As I was in the distance, I couldn’t hear anything, but I know for sure there were so many emotions. She said “YES”! It went as planned with some good laughs, compulsory tears and long funny story about how it was all organised. Then there was an engagement photo shoot next on the list. With great attention to details, Sam even organised a change of outfit and flowers for Chanelle. Eery detail was perfect!

We had about 20-30 minutes before the rain clouds would cover the area and there would be nowhere to hide. All I had to do was to let Chanelle and Calvin be themselves. We walked, talked about life and it was naturally easy to tell their story as they fully trusted the process. In the photographs below you will see moments of pure happiness and unconditional love.

Being a part of such a special “plan” was a pure joy and it is always such a joy to capture love stories here on Coromandel!


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