West Auckland engagement photo shoot


Kakamatua Inlet | The Perfect West Auckland Photo Location

Get ready for a bit of a slippery story of this awesome engagement photo shoot! I wouldn’t take couples here for their wedding photos as the walk is long and you need to plan timing around tides well. However, I do believe that Kakamatua Inlet is a great West Auckland photo location. Especially if you are planning to include your dogs into the photo shoot!

I met Robear at the carpark while Danny was already half way to the beach walking their fur baby Kira. It took us about 5 minutes all through the bushes and overgrown pathways of Kakamatua Inlet. On the way we met quite a few of other dog owners saying their “Hi!” while their furry friends were making attempts to sniff and wiggles their tails. We met Danny and for the first time I saw their soulmate Kira – well trained and extremely active (Husky breed) pup. Well, she is 2 yo now I believe.


The Fun Part

It was a dead low tide. We could walk for ages and still wouldn’t get to anywhere knee deep. With beautiful scenery and amazing rocks to one side we decided to start there. Well, this is where it all started. First, Danny stepped on a very slippery patch of a rock and next minute we were trying to figure out whether I can photoshop all the dirt stains out or not. With a bit of water and scrubbing, Danny managed to remove sand and mud leaving a few wet patches on her lovely white dress. We had a good laugh, took a few candid photographs before moving a bit further towards the sea.

This is when I realised that all the bags were left behind and we needed to grab them. Just in case. You will not believe it! The second I said to Robear “Please make sure you don’t slip here!” I found him on the ground as well! It is one thing to rinse the hem of your dress, and completely another to try and save a suit! The rest of the photo shoot we had to use only one “good” side of Robear’s outfit.

It was so lovely getting to know both Danny and Robear. Listening to their story, how they met, how it all started. This is how the puzzle comes together and it is naturally easier to tell the story. Their story is beautiful and it is definitely “meant to be”.

I must admit, that including Kira into these beautiful candid memories were one of the best parts of that evening! Not only she managed to appear where we asked her, she also brought so many smiles to our faces! If you ever considered bringing your dogs to a romantic / engagement or family photo shoot, please talk to me! I love dogs and incorporating their pure nature into the memories is such a joy. Kakamatua Inlet would be one of the best West Auckland photo locations where you can let them run off the leash!


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